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About our Top 10 Rankings

We write Top 10 Lists for Everything!  From Sports to Locations to Fashion and Media, we want to provide unique and informative Top 10 Lists and Reviews  for you.  If you have a topic you would like us to rank from 1 to 10, please submit it below and we will do our best to provide a data driven and intellectual ranking of the topic.  We are all about the numbers, so if the items can be ranked according to data then we do our best to provide the data and our calculations at the bottom of the rankings/list.

We often get the question “why top ten?”  Everyone loves a good ranking system, and top 10 is the most common format for rankings. Including the most famous top 10 list of the all time (Ten Commandments ).  We had also considered top 3 instead of top 10, but found for most topics it left way too many important things/people off the list. And as a plus, it made it easier for our writers to count rankings out using  either their fingers or toes.

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If you disagree with one of our rankings or have an edit to suggest to please submit that as well. While some of our subjects are highly subjective, we always try  to back up rankings with facts and data.

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